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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Allow Publishers with great content to focus their time and energy on growing their website, without having to worry about profitability.

Pubprime levels the playing field between publishers. High quality content should be profitable, regardless of the size of the website. We focus on delivering & optimizing Google AFS ads & Google Ad Manager ads to hand-picked high quality websites.

As part of working closely with publishers on implementing Premium Google Ads products, we also assist select publishers with our Growth Accelerator Program. 

Our accelerator program places our team’s expertise at the publisher’s disposal in order to improve their sites usability, site speed, pageviews and overall performance.

Our team at Pubprime is committed to enabling best-in-class websites to monetize their premium traffic with RPMs similar to the RPMs that the largest sites in the world generate.

Pubprime is headquartered in Hong Kong, with teams in Shanghai & London.

By the Numbers

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Average Revenue Increase
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Pubprime works closely with Google

Google is the world leader in ad technology. We are proud to have a strong working relationship with our counterparts at Google.

All Pubprime publishing partner sites get individually vetted by Google.

We value your content

Creating content takes time, making it profitable shouldn't.


Average Revenue increase by sites using Google AFS or Google AdX