Is there an alternative to AdSense for Search Ads

We frequently get asked if there are any good alternatives to AdSense for Search Ads. To answer this questions, we first need to understand what AdSense for Search really is.

AdSense for Search, also known as AFS, encompasses two products:

  1. Google Custom Search Engine with AdSense Search Ads enabled
  2. AdSense Custom Search Ads for monetisation of publisher’s own search results

The exact meaning of AdSense for Search Ads is that an ad is triggered based on a user search query, similar to how you see it on

Microsoft offers a Custom Search just like Google does, however unlike Google’s Custom Search, there is no integration with Search Ads.

Yahoo on the other hand does offer an alternative to AdSense Search Ads. It’s called Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA). With Yahoo Partner Ads you can monetize your website’s own search results. Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA). The Yahoo YPA program is managed through a partner called DDC .

Another method to get access to AdSense for Search ads is via Pubprime . We operate a Premium Publisher Platform for high quality websites that allows site owners to monetize their own search result pages with AdSense Custom Search Ads.

There are several other Search Ad offerings but nothing that could be considered a genuine alternative to AdSense for Search. AFS (AdSense Custom Search Ads) is truly the gold standard when it comes to monetizing search results pages on your own website. For the time being the best way to monetize ones own search result pages is with Google’s Custom Search Ads. Or, if your site does not have its own search engine but you want to offer search results to your users that are monetized with Search Ads, then Google Custom Search Engine is still the best option.