AdSense Custom Search Ads by Google Optimized by Pubprime

Updated September 24th, 2019

Google’s Custom Search Ads from AdSense are possibly the rarest and most difficult ads to get access to. When you think of Custom Search Ads, also referred to AdSense for Search Ads (AFS) sometimes, imagine the ads you see when you do a search on This guide will better help you understand what CSAs are and how to get access to them.

Essentially Custom Search Ads are designed for publishers who have significant traffic to their own search engine on their own website. For example, if you run your own search engine or classifieds site or e-commerce site where users type in searches or where users filter your search results, then AdSense Custom Search Ads would be of interest to you.

What do Custom Search Ads look like?

Custom Search Ads look exactly like the ads you are used to on The ads can match the look and feel of your site’s own search results. There are 2 different versions of Custom Search ads:

  1. Text version as seen on
  2. Native styled version. Same as the text version with a custom image added.

What websites use AdSense Custom Search Ads?

Some of the largest websites in the world use Custom Search Ads. to monetize their own search traffic.


What is the advantage of using Custom Search Ads?

Custom search ads are highly targeted and match a user’s type-in search query on your website. Ads served by Google are exclusively from ad inventory that targets Google and it’s search partners. This means only the highest quality ads and highest bidding ads are part of the advertiser pool eligible to show by custom search ads.

It would be fair to say that other than direct buys by advertisers, there is no ad product in the world that could match the RPM potential of AdSense Custom Search Ads.

What are the site requirements to get Custom Search Ads?

Pubprime helps websites monetize their search result pages with AdSense Custom Search Ads

Custom Search Ads are notoriously difficult to get approved for. Google does have an official application form [Apply Here] however, it is safe to say that the vast majority of sites that apply will get rejected. Only the highest quality websites with excellent traffic and content quality will get approved. The majority of publishers that have approval to run AdSense Custom Search Ads (aka AdSense for Search) will already have their own Google AdSense Representative who may introduce Custom Search Ads to the publisher.

Pubprime specializes in working with high quality publishers to take them on as AdSense Custom Search Ads ‘Channel Partners’. This allows publishers without a Google Account Manager to potentially run AFS ads. At Pubprime we work very closely with the Google Team in order to make sure that publishers we take on as Channel Partners meet all quality requirements and are at all times Policy compliant. Feel free to reach out to us for a site analysis so that you too can run Custom Search Ads and dramatically increase your revenue.