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Google’s AdSense Custom Search Ads, also referred to as AdSense for Search Ads (AFS), are Google’s most exclusive ad offering. Find out how you can get them for your website.

Updated September 24th, 2019

Custom Search Ads perfectly resemble the same ads that everyone has become familiar with over the years on search results. The search ads are used nearly exclusively on Google search result pages. The ads show within search results based on the user search query in the Google search box. Google also offers Google Custom Search Ads / AdSense for Search (AFS) to Publishers to use on their own search results.

Here is how you can get AdSense search ads for your site:

There are two ways for publishers to get access to Google’s AdSense Custom Search Ads:

Apply on the Google Developer Page for Custom Search Ads

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The 1st method is to apply on the Google developers page for AdSense Custom Search Ads [Official AdSense Custom Search Ads Product Page]. The official product page contains an Apply link that takes you to a Google Docs form that requires to be filled out in full. Requirements to get approved for Custom Search Ads are extremely high and the majority of applicants are unlikely to be approved. Successful applications usually come from large branded websites that operate their own search engine.

Become a Pubprime Channel Partner for Custom Search Ads

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The 2nd method to get access to Google’s AdSense Custom Search Ads is via Pubprime. Publishers can apply to receive access to AdSense for Search via our Premium Ads Signup Form. Pubprime works closely together with the Google AdSense team to check traffic & content quality of websites that apply. Approved websites are eligible to become Pubprime Channel Partners for AdSense Custom Search Ads. The process takes anywhere from 3-7 working days. Once approved, we will be able to assist publishers in monetizing their own search result pages.

Whether a publisher runs Custom Search Ads directly through their own Google AdSense account or through the Pubprime Premium Ad Platform, all Google Policy requirements have to be met. At Pubprime we also have additional requirements in terms of minimum monthly pageviews, traffic sources and quality of content. Our team works very closely with our publishers to make sure all Google requirements are met at all times.

At Pubprime we make it our mission to help publishers earn more form their traffic and content. Publishers are often surprised to discover how much their website is capable of earning once they have joined the Pubprime network of channel partners. The majority of publishers working with Pubprime see revenue increases of 100%+, essentially more than doubling their current revenue within days.