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How to qualify for Premium Ads?

Find our how you can get the world's best ads for your website.

Quality Content

Your website needs to consist of unique content. The purpose of the website should be to offer users a great experience focused on content and not on ads.

Clean Traffic

The majority of traffic needs to be organic search traffic or direct traffic. Other traffic sources can also be considered. Google Premium Ads are not allowed on paid traffic.

Active Monitoring

We require ongoing 'Read Only' access to your Google Analytics account as part of our traffic monitoring efforts. This way our traffic alert system can quickly identify issues.

Checklist of Basic Requirements

Pubprime is a hands-on partner that enables high quality sites to monetize their traffic better.
Working with Pubprime comes with several core requirements.


Site content quality needs to be extremely high.

We often work with high quality news sites, information portals, classifieds sites, professional blogs, career sites, search engines and e-commerce shopping sites.

Sites focused on user generated content or sites that publish duplicate content without adding true value generally do not get approved. Sensitive topic sites also rarely get approved.

Got great Content?


Traffic sources do matter a lot.

The majority of websites we work with receive most of their traffic organically via search engines. Other traffic sources such as via social media is also acceptable in most cases however, that traffic needs to be monitored more closely.

It is vital that all traffic is targeted and genuine. Working with Pubprime means you agree to let our traffic quality team work with you closely to monitor your website traffic sources.

Got great Traffic?


At Pubprime we are looking for true Partners. In us you will have found a partner who you can truly grow your earnings with. 

Due to the exclusive nature of Adsense Custom Search Ads and Google Ad Manager, you can expect to work with our team very closely on ad implementation. 

Communication between us will be crucial in making sure we can help your site boost its revenue beyond anything you may have imagined possible.

Want a true Partner?

Generally we do not believe in turning away high quality websites that are actively growing, regardless of their size. Most of the websites we work with have at least 1,000,000+ pageviews per month. However we encourage you to apply even if your site has fewer than a million pageviews per month.

Our team will work closely with you to make sure your best content gets monetized. Generally sites accepted onto the platform can use our ads on the majority of their pages.

Google AFS and Google Ad Manager have strict Policy requirements that must be met at all times. We will continuously work with you to make sure ads are only placed on policy compliant pages.

You will receive daily automated earnings reports.

Reports include:

Earnings Total

You will get paid net+30 via ETF – Electronic Funds Transfer.

An automated notification will be sent to you once payment has been made.

Quick 3 Step Process

Every publisher that works with Pubprime goes through a manual review.
This is to ensure that Google AFS and Ad Manager receive high quality traffic.

Tells us about your site

Tells us about your site

Complete the website information form by clicking on the 'Get Premium Ads' button.

Time: 5 minutes

Site Review

Site Review

Our Quality Assurance team will review your site's content quality and traffic sources.

Time: 2-5 working days

Implement Premium Ads!

Implement Premium Ads!

Work with our on-boarding team to place Google Premium Ads on your site. Our team will work with you closely to optimize and monitor your ads.

Time: 1 day

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