Google Ad Manager and AdX Help

Google Ad Manager is an extremely effective platform at managing all your ad inventory however, it is also complicated. It is common to run into problems and not to know right away how to fix it or how to accomplish specific things you want to achieve.

In this Google Ad Manager guide we will show you how to proceed when you run into a problem that you can’t solve on your own. This includes DFP & Adx since they are all managed from within the same platform.

As an agency that manages dozens of Ad Manager accounts or as a publisher who self-manages their own account, you have three official methods of finding a solution to your Ad Manager problem.

  1. Troubleshooting Tools
  2. Official Help Forum
  3. Contact Publisher Support

Google Ad Manager Status Checker

Before we look into the three available methods of solving your Ad Manager problem, it is always worth to quickly check the Google Ads Status Dashboard and to a lesser degree the Google GSuite Status Dashboard. Most of the time when publishers see irregular reporting or delayed reporting data, it could simply be that Google Ad Manager or AdWords or AdSense or another Google service is down. Checking the Google Status Dashboards helps you to quickly rule out any downtime that Google services may be experiencing.

Google Adx and Google Ad Manager Status

Google Ad Manager Troubleshooting Tools

It is important that you find the right tools to help you solve your problems.

If your problem is related to an unexpected line item delivery then use the Google Ad Manager Delivery Tool to double check the line item or the unknown creative. Check it here

If your line item problem is related to the item not delivering even though it was eligible for ad requests then check the following:

  • Preview your creatives that are connected to the line item in order to verify that the creatives are displaying correctly and that tracking is implemented correctly. Preview Creatives
  • Double check any change history that was made to the line item you’re checking in order to make sure no updates that were made impact the behavior & performance you would normally expect from the line item. Check Change History

Verify Your Tags

It’s important that you verify tags you use on your site. There are three different tools available to check your tags:

Useful Troubleshooting Tools

Here is a list of all the most important tools you can use as a stepping stone to figure out what the problem might be:

Get Help From the Community

Once you have double checked the Ad Manager service status and after you’ve tried to solve the problem yourself using the official troubleshooting tools made available by the Google Ad Manager team, your next step would be to reach out to people familiar with Google Ad Manager. The best way to do that is by going to the official Ad Manager help forum.

Nearly every question gets answered by people experienced in using Google Ad Manager and AdX / DFP. It is rare to find a question that does not receive a constructive and actionable answer. The reason for that is that many Certified Google Publishers and Agencies such as Pubprime welcome the opportunity to share their expertise about Google Ad Manager.

Since you’re reading this article, chances are high that you are currently experiencing a problem with Ad Manager that you want solved. Why not head over to the official community page and ask for help there! Most questions get answered with 24-48 hours. Ask your question here

How to contact Google Ad Manager Support?

This is your final method of getting your Ad Manager problem solved. Usually this is also the very last method you want to make use of since the official support will oftentimes simply direct you in the right direction. Most of the time you could have ended up saving a lot of time by spending some time in finding the correct troubleshooting tool or to ask your question the help forum.

However, we understand that sometimes you really do feel like only the official Google Support can help answer your Ad Manager or AdX question.

In that case you’re in luck. Google offers global email & chat support for Google Ad Manager during normal business hours.

Priority 3 (P3): Technical troubleshooting & product questions
Estimated response time: 1 business day
Target resolution: 4 business days
This is the default priority

Priority 2 (P2): Major product feature is not functioning for any user
Estimated response time: 4 business hours
Target resolution: 1 business day

Priority 1 (P1): Google Ad Manager is inaccessible for all users, or ad serving is not working for all ads
Estimated response time: 2 hours
Target resolution: Priority reduced to P2 within 12 hours

So how do you email or chat with a Google Ad Manager specialist?

While you’re on any help or support page related to Google Ad Manager or AdX, check the top right corner of the page for a ‘Contact Us’ link. After clicking the link select the category that best matches your problem. Then, scroll past the article suggestions all the way to the bottom of the popup and click on either Email or Chat.

How to Solve all Your Ad Manager Problems?

Get Google AdX for your website or app

In our opinion the best way to solve any Ad Manager or AdX problem is by reaching out to us!

At Pubprime we specialize in managing Ad Manager & AdX accounts of large publishers. Let us manage your ads and increase your revenue, while you focus your time and resources on improving your website or app.

In case you do not yet have access to Google Ad Manager’s AdX due not not meeting the minimum requirement of having 90 million ad impressions per month, then we encourage you to reach out to us by completing this form: