Job Search Engine Increases Revenue by 274%

Jobs77 is a job search engine that allows job seekers to easily discover jobs published anywhere on the web.

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How Jobs77 boosted their earnings

Step by step walkthrough how this publisher more than tripled their website revenue

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Applied for Premium Ads

Took the first step of reaching out to Pubprime to request a site review and apply for Premium Google Ads.

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Site Review

Went through review with QA team. Focus was on content quality and where traffic for the site comes from.

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Started working with the on-boarding team to place Google custom search ads, AdX native ads and display ads on website. Optimized look and feel of ads.

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Massive RPM Boost!

Earnings more than doubled within 24hrs of ads going live.

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AFS Native Ads

After meeting requirements for Google Native Search Ads, Pubprime was able to customize our Google search ads even further. This bumped CTR even higher.

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Growth Accelerator

Pubprime started offering advice and guidance on what the site could do to increase pageviews. This included advice on user acquisition & what tech Jobs77 could use to improve user retention and time-on-site.

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The Google AFS & AdX Effect


Desktop Earnings


Mobile Earnings



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Getting access to Premium Google ad products like AdSense Custom Search Ads and AdX has been the single most transformative thing that could have happened to Jobs77. Pubprime gives us access to ads that we could never have gotten access to on our own.My only regret is to not have taken the initiative to reach out to the Pubprime team sooner. It completely changed our business within days of AFS search ads going live on our website. All of a sudden we were able to monetize our traffic just like our industry leading competitors. This allowed us to invest in better content and to focus on growing our userbase.

James Lu

Chief Executive @ Jobs77

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