Google Ad Manager and AdX Help
Top 3 Methods on How to Solve Any Google Ad Manager Problem

Google Ad Manager is an extremely effective platform at managing all your ad inventory however, it is also complicated. It is common to run into problems and not to know right away how to fix it or how to accomplish specific things you want to achieve. In this Google Ad Manager guide we will show

How to get a Google Ad Manager Account
How to get a Google Ad Manager Account

Google Ad Manager is the world’s most popular ad server for websites. Any website who runs ads will at some point encounter Google’s A Manager. this guide will show you how to to get access to Ad Manager for your site. The good news is that there is a very high likely-hood that you already

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Google Ad Manager Explained

Last year Google merged their programmatic ad platforms ‘DoubleClick for Publishers’ and ‘DoubleClick Ad Exchange’ into one single unified programmatic platform named ‘Google Ad Manager’. Updated September 24, 2019 This has made it easier for agencies and larger publishers to manage growing demand for programmatic access. When speaking of programmatic ad platforms, we refer to