How to monetize website search results
How to monetize your site search?

Search results pages on websites are generally the most lucrative pages on a site, unfortunately a lot of small and medium sized publishers oftentimes pay little attention to their search results pages and miss out on large revenue boosts. In this guide we will show you exactly what the best methods are to earn the

AdSense Custom Search Ads for Websites - Implementation Guide
This is how you implement AdSense Custom Search Ads for Websites (Updated 2019)

AdSense Custom Search Ads are the crown jewel of online ads. This is a comprehensive guide to help you fully understand how to setup AdSense CSA on your Website. This guide focuses on how to set up Custom Search Ads on Desktop & Mobile sites. Updated September 24th, 2019 Setting up your AdSense Custom Search

AdSense Custom Search Ads Logo
How to get AdSense Custom Search Ads?

Google’s AdSense Custom Search Ads, also referred to as AdSense for Search Ads (AFS), are Google’s most exclusive ad offering. Find out how you can get them for your website. Updated September 24th, 2019 Custom Search Ads perfectly resemble the same ads that everyone has become familiar with over the years on search results.