How to get your AdSense Custom Search Ads to work with AMP pages v2
How to get AdSense Custom Search Ads to work on AMP pages

Loading your pages in AMP format (Accelerated Mobile Pages) can be a great way to dramatically improve your website’s user experience simply because AMP pages generally load lightning fast. One reason why not everyone has embraced AMP is due to the number of limitations imposed on AMP pages. One of the largest issues has always

AdSense Custom Search Ads for Websites - Implementation Guide
This is how you implement AdSense Custom Search Ads for Websites (Updated 2019)

AdSense Custom Search Ads are the crown jewel of online ads. This is a comprehensive guide to help you fully understand how to setup AdSense CSA on your Website. This guide focuses on how to set up Custom Search Ads on Desktop & Mobile sites. Updated September 24th, 2019 Setting up your AdSense Custom Search

AdSense Custom Search Ads by Google Optimized by Pubprime
Guide to AdSense Custom Search Ads

Updated September 24th, 2019 Google’s Custom Search Ads from AdSense are possibly the rarest and most difficult ads to get access to. When you think of Custom Search Ads, also referred to AdSense for Search Ads (AFS) sometimes, imagine the ads you see when you do a search on This guide will better help