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Monetizing your e-commerce or shopping site can be difficult. Discover how your shopping site can make use of Google’s little known Shopping Ads program in order to monetize your site beyond the shopping cart and affiliate income.

Most small and medium sized shopping sites exclusively focus on selling their own shop inventory. Monetization is limited to direct earnings from product sales that occur on your website. Some publishers will also create affiliate product partnerships in order to sell or promote products from other vendors, earning additional revenue. Beyond those two main methods of shopping site monetization, the only other major source of income is running ads from one of the large Ad Networks, which for most publishers means displaying ads from Google’s AdSense or Google’s Ad Manager platform.

What if you could significantly boost your e-commerce website revenue by displaying contextual shopping ads that perfectly match your website visitors search query?

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Google has the an ad product that was created for precisely that purpose. To allow Shopping Sites and E-Commerce websites to better monetize their sites. The ad product is called AdSense for Shopping Ads (AFSh).

AdSense for Shopping is our latest product in site monetization for retailers and commerce-focused sites who drive product sales. It allows you to place relevant Shopping ads, like those you see running on, onto your website. Similar to other AdSense products, you earn revenue based on the performance of those ads on your site.

AdSense for Shopping Ads
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AdSense Shopping Ads allow publishers to display contextual shopping ads that perfectly match the search query a user has used in order to browse through your shopping website.

AdSense for Shopping offers publishers the following benefits:

Monetize all site traffic, including mobile: mobile is where users compare products. Since AdSense for Shopping is designed for all devices, retailers and commerce publishers can easily monetize their non-converting mobile traffic.

Expand your product offerings: with more than one billion products available on Google Shopping, you can help users find what they want and keep them coming back to your site.

Enhance the user experience: show rich product ads that are contextually relevant to the users visiting your site.

AdSense for Shopping Ads
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Just how Amazon has their own ‘Sponsored’ ads showing on most of their search result and product details pages, Google Shopping Ads let publishers display shopping ads on their own website.

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Google’s Shopping Ads product is a premium ad product that generally is only offered to the largest shopping sites in the world. Our AdSense Support Team at Pubprime works closely with high quality publishers to apply for permission to use AdSense for Search Ads (AFSh) on your site. Reach out to us today to learn more about Shopping Ads requirements and how you could start monetizing your shopping site like the biggest e-commerce sites in the world.